Ask Friends app for Shopify

Encourage indecisive customers to buy from your store

Allow your customers to ask their friends for purchase advice and let them spread words about your brand on Facebook, Twitter and email.

Doesn’t interrupt the shopping process

Instead the app makes it exciting! The app is designed in a way that while creating the poll and adding the products customer doesn’t leave the site. Oppositely, customer invites friends to the poll page.

Ask Friends for purchase advice

Help doubtful customers make a choice

When a customer is not sure, the app allows the customer to create a poll and ask friends for a purchase advice instead of leaving your store.
Make shopping process fun and let customers buy the best items with the help of their friends.

Help friends to choose the best

Promote your store and increase conversion

Let your customers spread words about your shop in Facebook, Twitter, and any other resources on the Internet. It can incredibly improve your position in search engines allowing to get more traffic and leads.

Spread words about your shop in Facebook, Twitter

Gather feedback on your products

Check what your customers like and hate in your products, learn what's important to your customers based on their comments, upvotes, downvotes.

Gather feedbacks on your Shopify products

1-click installation

Very simple to install by one click. Nothing else is needed, just starts working without putting any code lines.

1-Click Installation Shopify app

Customizable layout

Can be easily customized to fit your theme design. Moreover, a simple and attractive design is developed for comfortable use.

Customizable design according to your Shopify site design


Pay as low as $1.49/mo for Ask Friends app and start converting indecisive customers to paid today. 7 days free trial. Cancel anytime.

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